Precautions to be taken with sinus grafts

If the sinus floor is not thick enough before the implant is mounted, the dental surgeon can carry out a sinus graft to allow better fixing of the root of the implant.


What are the recommendations to be followed before surgery ?

  • An up-to-date health check-up if any changes have occurred since the previous visit.
  • The patient must take the medications prescribed.
  • Teeth scaling may need to be carried out.

What are the recommendations to be followed after surgery ?

After surgery:

  • A moist gauze compress is used at the surgery point. The patient must keep it in place for one hour in order to limit bleeding.
  • An ice bag placed on the cheek on the operated site is also recommended for 48 hours to reduce the occurrence of possible oedema.
  • Pain relief medication is prescribed to prevent pain after the anaesthetic wears off. The dental surgeon may also recommend the patient takes anti-inflammatory medication if the surgery calls for this.

Instructions that the patient must comply with:

  • Take the prescribed medications.
  • Avoid food and drink that is too hot for eight days after surgery.
  • Do not do any sports or excessive exercise until the sutures are removed eight days after surgery and, in particular, avoid flying, scuba diving or playing a wind instrument.
  • After each meal, brush the operated zone with a supple or surgical brush (a cotton-wool bud can be sued) soaked in mouthwash diluted to 50%.
  • Sneeze with the mouth open in the 15 days after surgery and never blow your nose.

What to do in the event of bleeding or oedema ?

  • Nose bleeds are possible. To stop these, the patient must use special pads available from pharmacies. The nostrils can also be rinsed with physiological saline.
  • Oedema or haematoma may occur on the operated site a few days after surgery. This is a normal reaction and an ice bag can be applied to reduce it.


In the case of bleeding or abnormal flow from the nose or mouth after surgery, contact your dental surgeon.

A weekly check-up for one month will be scheduled.