Sinus graft or sinus lift by lateral route

There are two sinus graft techniques depending on the volume of bone to be regenerated.

Why carry out a sinus graft ?


  • After dental extraction is performed, the sinuses tend to enlarge naturally.
  • The bone volume found around the upper molars may not be sufficient for insertion of an implant.
  • It is therefore essential to move the sinus out of the way.
  • Bone grafting can be carried out before or even at the same time as implant insertion.

Sinus graft by lateral route

  • The surgical procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia.
  • Drilling is carried out of the lateral sinus wall.
  • An area is demarcated and the bone is pushed back inside the sinus in order to create a space.
  • This space is filled with the graft material and may be covered with a membrane.
  • The implant can now be positioned. This can take place during the same session or four to six months after graft surgery.



Sinus graft is carried out by specialist dental surgeons. There are more and more of these specialist surgeons and this type of surgery is becoming more common.

These are reliable and well-established techniques with a proven clinical track record (the first articles appeared in 1980).