The materials used by the dentist for bone grafts

There are several groups of materials that can be used for bone regeneration. Your dentist will choose the most suitable material for your particular clinical case.

In order to aid bone regeneration, it may be necessary to support and guide this process using grafting materials.

Why carry out sinus graft ?

The patient’s bone

  • The dentist uses the patient’s own bone. The bone can be in block form or ground into shavings.
  • This bone can be taken from various sites: the chin and the lower jawbone angle behind the molars.
  • The extra-oral sites (cranium, hip and tibia) are used in extreme cases.


Animal bone

  • Bone of coraline, bovine, porcine or equine origin.
  • The bone is collected and processed in the same way.


Synthetic bone

  • This is obtained after mixing with calcium phosphate.
  • It is completely synthetic.





There are various types of grafting materials that are used as a function of each clinical situation.

The choice of which material to use is agreed between you and your dental surgeon.