Maintaining Dental Implants

Publié le 6 Oct, 2020

Implant treatment does not end after the surgery to insert the dental implants and prostheses.

Even if implant treatment is a reliable treatment, likely all surgeries, it is a treatment that can carry risks. It is thus necessary to follow the advice of your dental surgery after the procedure.

Prevention will take place at the dentist office, with professional follow-up by the dentist, and at the patient level: by maintaining optimal oral/dental hygiene.


Clinical follow-up by the dentist:

  • • Clinical follow-up at the dentist office is essential. It should be done regularly to check the dental implants and prostheses about them are in good condition.
  • • A specific procedure to remove tartar from dental implants is also necessary.
  • • In general, a check-up is advised every 6 months.


Patient follow-up:

  • • Oral/dental hygiene is very important for reducing the risk of complications as much as possible. Example of complication: peri-implantitis (consult our file here).
  • • It is up to the patient to effectively brush their teeth, supplemented by using interdental brushes and/or dental floss.

To clean the areas that are difficult to reach with a toothbrush, it is essential to have:

• interdental brushes when the spaces are big enough

• dental floss if these spaces are too tight


Caution: the interdental brush diameter should be adjusted based on the interdental space. Do not hesitate to ask your dentist to help you choose the brush sizes.

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