Receding gums after treatment

Receding gums after periodontal treatment is a perfectly normal phenomenon. It is a sign that the gums are healthy again.

The purpose of periodontal treatment is to get the pockets to disappear which can happen by:

  • Regeneration of lost bone:  the bone grows and is repositioned 3 millimetres under the gum.
  • Receding gums: the gum recedes then rejoins the bone and is repositioned 3 millimetres above the gum.

In general, disappearance of the pocket involves two interlinked phenomena without it being possible to know in advance.

Why does the gum recede?

gencives-retractees-1-aIt is normal for the gums to recede because it is not possible to regenerate all the lost bone.

When you had periodontitis, the gum was red and swollen as a result of inflammation and this swelling masked the effects of the disease.

With treatment, the inflammation is reduced; the gum is no longer swollen and recedes naturally to become positioned 3 millimetres from the supporting bone. This is a healthy condition.

Gum recession is an aesthetic problem for you, what can be done?
  • The only way to deal with this problem is to cheat by using prosthetics.
  • Ceramic crowns may be suggested to close the spaces between the teeth.
  • In the front zones, gum recession can result in the appearance of black triangles between the teeth.
  • The teeth can also look longer.




Gum recession is inevitable in the case of advanced periodontitis with substantial bone loss.

It is an absolute necessity for saving your teeth.

It is a sign of recovery from the disease.