Step 6: Dental surgeon and the professional maintenance

Your dental surgeon is there to help you maintain the results achieved. Remission from the disease is judged in the long term.


Why is professional maintenance necessary?
  • Seven minutes of plaque control every night is rather tedious, and you only do it once a week: you need to be re-motivated by your surgeon dental.
  • You regain your health again and the periodontal pockets have disappeared.
  • In spite of rigorous plaque control, deposits may still accumulate in areas that are hard to access (for example, the molar furcation which is the place where roots of the teeth fork).
What is periodontal maintenance?
  • The aim is to maintain the results achieved and to prevent another bacterial pocket from forming in spite of plaque control.
  • The frequency of appointments depends on your periodontal risk: every two, three, four or six. It is up to your dentist to decide this.
  • This is a session in the course of which : your dental surgeon will re-motivate you about plaque control, will remove plaque and tartar deposits that have built up in areas that are hard to access, this elimination is carried out by root planing or lithotripsy (removal of calculus), under local anaesthetic if need be.


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Periodontal treatment is a long-term treatment that requires one-off restorative periodontal treatment and life-long maintenance therapy.

If one has periodontitis, the risk of a relapse is very high, especially if there are several periodontal risk factors.