Step 4: The periodontium and the re-assessment after three months

Re-assessment makes it possible to monitor how your periodontium reacts to the treatment and to decide what further therapeutic procedures you need.

In the course of this re-assessment, various elements will be analysed:

Your plaque control: is it still efficient? Are you still motivated? Are there still periodontal pockets?

Various situations are possible:
Healthy pockets (< 4 mm) => the patient is put on a maintenance programme
Fairly shallow pockets (between 4 and 6 mm) => further root planing or more lithotripsy (removal of calculus) sessions are needed.
Persistent deep pockets > 6 mm => periodontal surgery is necessary to remove these deep residual pockets.

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Re-assessment makes it possible to review how your periodontal tissue has healed after the initial periodontal treatment phases come to an end.

If the deep pockets continue, do not become discouraged as periodontal surgery can still resolve this problem