Treatment of periodontitis : the six steps.

Periodontal treatment takes a long time to carry out. It requires restorative periodontal treatment (elimination of bacteria) and life-long care. The cost is not covered by the social security scheme in France.

Periodontal treatment involves six steps spread over several months.

Step 1 : Assessment of the damage
Step 2 : Learning how to control plaque
Step 3 : Resurfacing and periodontal lithotripsy (removal of calculus)
Step 4 : Re-assessment after three months
Step 5 : Periodontal surgery
Step 6 : Professional maintenance



The objective here is to eliminate the periodontal pocket which can be achieved by:

Regenerating lost bone: the bone grows and becomes repositioned 3 millimetres under the gum.

Recession of the gum: the gum recedes back to the bone level and becomes repositioned 3 mm above.

In general, disappearance of the pocket happens through two interlinked phenomena but without it being possible to know this in advance.