Root Canals

Publié le 17 Jul, 2020


What is a root canal?

It is required when the nerve is involved, and it is essential for making the pain stop.

It may take some time from cavity to root canal.

For an emerging cavity to reach the pulp and require a root canal, it takes several months or even several years.

In children, the tissues are less mineralised and thus progression is quicker.

Children need more regular check-ups than adults.


Stages of the root canal

The tooth is not systematically anaesthetised, especially if the pulp has necrosis.

A path to the infected pulp is created in the crown.

The root canals are cleaned using small files and disinfected using a diluted bleach solution.

root canal treatment

The root canals are then closed using a waterproof cement. This cement looks white on an x-ray.

This stage may take several sessions based on the complexity of the treatment: number, shape, and diameter of the root canals.

The tooth must then be reconstructed by prosthetic techniques.

root canal tooth


Why perform a root canal on a tooth?

Once the nerve is involved, bacteria develop.

These bacteria are in an environment surrounding by inert tissue (dentin), which is not capable of defending itself.

It is thus essential to remove all the infected pulp and replace it with a waterproof cement to prevent bacterial recolonization.


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