Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Publié le 6 Oct, 2020

Wisdom teeth or third molars appear between 18 and 25 years of age. There are four of them, but it possible to have fewer or not have any.


When to extract them?

Wisdom teeth can grow in normally, but sometimes their development causes problems. This often occurs with the lower wisdom teeth.
When a wisdom tooth does not have enough space to grow, it is recommended to extract them to prevent multiple inconveniences.

For example, the wisdom tooth may grow partially or grow sideways and cause pain. The wisdom tooth may also alter the alignment of adjacent teeth to make space.

Otherwise, wisdom teeth are much more like to develop cavities because they are difficult to reach with a toothbrush.


Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Based on the position and number of teeth to extract, the procedure is performed once or twice.

Since the extraction is relatively simple and commonplace, simple local anaesthesia is most often indicated.

General anaesthesia, involving hospitalisation, is only useful if all four teeth are extracted at the same time.


After extracting one or several wisdom teeth, a little bleeding may potentially persist for some hours.

Simply applying a compress to the extraction area may suffice. Oedema (swelling) may occur after the tooth extraction.

In this specific case, it is recommended to apply ice to the cheek on the side of the extraction to relieve the swelling. In case of postoperative pain, your dentist may prescribe your analgesics, carefully follow their recommendations.




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  • • Regularly monitor wisdom tooth development
  • • To obtain good healing, certain precautions are necessary after the procedure: soft foods that are lukewarm or cold, good oral hygiene, quitting tobacco, alcohol, and all irritants are highly recommended

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