Advantages and Steps of Endodontic Treatment

Publié le 7 Jun, 2020


The advantages of endodontic treatment

• Preservation of natural teeth and their appearance

• Reduces and makes inflammation and pain disappear

• Prevents dental abscess and bad breath caused by dental infections 

Treatment under operating microscope: better visibility and in-depth treatment, the endodontist can see the tooth interior at up to 5 times magnification

• No pain during treatment: local anaesthesia

• Better long-term success rate


The dentist performs a series of steps to ensure the treatment goes smoothly

• Local anaesthesia: so the treatment is pain free

• A barrier is placed around the tooth: this is a surgical field positioned around the tooth to prevent the bacteria from saliva from coming into contact with the tooth being treated

• The tooth is then open to have access to the canal/canals and the pulp

o If you have a crow, this will then be removed to proceed with the treatment

• Canal or canals cleaned

• The canal is then filled using a special cement film

• Then tooth is then temporarily or permanently sealed


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