How to Maintain Your Implant Crowns?

Publié le 5 Oct, 2020

Bacteria build up in your mouth every day, especially on the gums and between your teeth. It is thus extremely important to make sure to disinfect these areas every evening.

If this disinfection is not done regularly and carefully, just like for natural teeth, the gums and bones around the implants risk become inflamed and resorbing. 

To make sure the implant treatments last, here are some recommendations:


1- Cleaning technique: (to be done every day)

• Brush your teeth (using an electric toothbrush may be a good alternative to help brush difficult to reach areas)

• Spaces will be built between each tooth around your implants to clean the space between your teeth using interdental brushes. Your dentist will give you advice about the shape and diameter. This disinfection should be done every evening.

• The interdental brush should be rinsed between each pass under clear water. In specific situations, the dentist may ask you to rinse with them with mouth wash.

• Using a water jet is a good addition because it makes it possible to rinse and remove the debris cleaned out by the interdental brushes.


CAUTION! This does not allow the interdental brushes to be replaced because it is not effective enough at eliminating bacteria organised into biofilms.


2- Regular check-ups

It is your dentist who will determine the frequency of your check-ups (1 to 3 times per year in general). The goal is:

• To perform a professional cleaning

• To guide you and advise you to improve your personal cleaning technique

• Check your implants clinically and by x-ray


One last point

If bleeding occurs when using the interdental brushes, this is not because you hurt the gums, but because there is on-going inflammation. You should thus continue (and in this case soak the interdental brush in mouthwash) and contact your dentist if it persists for more than a week.


You can consult our videos on how to use interdental brushes and dental floss under the Videos section.


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