Publié le 23 Mar, 2018

Laser is a new kind of technology that is perfectly suited to dental treatment.

Laser or Light Amplification Stimulated Emission of Radiation is an optical-electronic instrument which produces a highly targeted light beam.

This is a non-invasive tool and can be used to treat the area requiring attention to remove disease-causing bacteria.


Laser and its uses:

• Implant procedures: treatment of infections around implants

Treatment of periodontal diseases: action antibacterial and healing effect in cases of inflammation of the gums or bones

Detection of caries lesions

Treatment and disinfection of dental root canals and abscesses

Mouth surgery such as frenectomy

Treatment of the soft tissues (gum, mucous membrane) and hard tissues (enamel, bone)

• Tooth whitening 


Better patient comfort with laser:

Laser treatment results in rapid tissue regeneration and healing

There are also fewer postoperative complications because of its antibacterial effects

Laser treatment is faster and reduces, if not eliminates, the need for anaesthesia

It reduces postoperative sensitivity


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