Zirconia Crowns

Publié le 31 Jan, 2020

A dental crown is a structure which is positioned over a tooth which is damaged, missing, or has a cavity which may or may not require a dental implant to be inserted.

It is manufactured from a tooth imprint, then attached using cement on the tooth being restored, or even attached to the dental implant. The dental crown will then fully cover the natural tooth.

A dental crown will be necessary:

• During a root canal

• For aesthetic reasons (damaged tooth: split, broken, etc.)   

• To replace a missing tooth


The crown is manufactured from different materials such as zirconia. This material used CAD-CAM technology and offers several advantages:

• Excellent biocompatibility.

• Zirconia does not contain any metal, so it is ideal for patients with metal allergies.

• It is a resistant material.

• It allows for an aesthetic tooth restoration: zirconia has a more natural appearance and enables better precision/adjustment of the tooth thanks to the use of CAD/CAM technology.

• Tooth function is quickly recovered.

• It makes it possible to prevent the risk of peri-implantitis,once the crown is attached to a dental implant. In effect, zirconia is a non-porous material and allows the gum to be protected against bacteria.


Taking care of your zirconia crowns

It is important to have good dental hygiene:

Brush your teeth at least 2 times per day and use dental floss and/or interdental brushes to remove bacteria between the teeth and gums.


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