Zirconia Implants

Publié le 21 Jan, 2020

An innovation in implantology makes it possible to use a material other than titanium: zirconia. 

Titanium remains the material used more often for dental implants, but today dentists can also use zirconia implants. It is a metal-free implant.

By definition, zirconia is a ceramic material made of zirconium oxide, an opaque, white-coloured material. This material provides a very nice biotechnological advance in dentistry and enables using all its advantages in implantology.


The advantages of zirconia implants:


• Excellent biocompatibility due to the absence of metal

• Does not conduct heat or electricity: no adverse effects on the body

• Metal-free dental implant

• High resistance to fractures

• Resists wear over time: not sensitive to corrosion

• The risk of peri-implantitis is nearly zero

• Better bone healing

• Ideal for patients with allergic reactions to other materials

• Easier to clean: zirconia is a material which retains little dental plaque

• Better aesthetics thanks to the white colour of the zirconia. The colour is closer to the natural tooth colour and a greyish gum staining is also avoided

• It enables osteointegration: i.e. direct contact between the bone and the implant surface, with very little risk of bacterial developing.


Zirconia implants inserted by dentists allow very good aesthetic, biological, and mechanical results to be obtained: better resistance, better longevity, 100% biocompatibility.

Zirconia remains a very good alternative for patients allergic to metals


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